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Here at Custom Gym Equipment, we are leaders in equipment for luxury home gyms. We cater to high-profile, high net-worth individuals including super yacht owners, business people and celebrities. We specialise in creating products that are of exceptional quality; it is our aim to craft weights that you will take pleasure in using on a daily basis. Our design and manufacturing process involves a great deal of creativity and energy from our expert team of professional engineers and designers.

We stay abreast of industry trends and current fashions, ensuring that our products remain current. We want to be eye-catching with our weights, make a point and stand out from what else is on offer. Our dumbbells have been made to the highest possible specifications. You’ll look and feel awesome when you use your weights because you’ll be using the absolute finest dumbbells on the market.

founded by David John Bowden


David John Bowden was born in 1968 in the small mining town of Worksop.

In 1984 David began an apprenticeship with Frank Stokes Limited. During his time at the local Haulage Company he honed his engineering skills from very experienced ‘old school’ mechanics. After completing his apprenticeship David mainly worked for truck and bus companies until 2000 when he started his own trucking company “David Bowden Haulage” 

2016 David sold his trucks to fund a new enterprise and began on his first ever set of dumbbells. He discovered he had a flair for design, encompassing many engineering techniques he found success creating prestigious quality dumbbells.  His reputation has gained him high regard and his custom made weights can be found in London, Paris, Monaco, Hong Kong and the USA.

David focuses on providing pristine products developing new ideas and methods.  David Prides himself on providing top of the range quality products polished to perfection.


Are you looking to buy dumbbells for a luxury home gym? Here at Custom Gym Equipment, we have the ideal solution for you. We offer and produce a large variety of fashionable, unique, and exclusive items that make working out in the gym as luxurious and elegant as possible. 

Our dumbbell range encompasses a variety of exceptionally high quality dumbbells. We can guarantee that all our products are produced by a team of talented engineers here in the UK. We are proud of our brilliant reputation for offering luxury free weights that are bespoke and of the highest quality. For more information on what we sell that can cater to your luxury home gym, peruse our website today.

We offer a range suitable for luxury home gyms, super yacht and high end commercial gyms.   These products comprise our three collections.

Collection 1

Finesse Model | Personalised Premium Quality.

Collection 2

Elegance Model | Personalised Premium Quality.

Collection 3

Gold Standard Model | No Personalisation | Entry Level

 Each collection can be used by lifters of all levels and ages. If you have just begun lifting or are an experienced lifter with years of practice. 

Every component of our dumbbells, even down to the screws and bolts are custom made and custom finished to give the most luxurious look and feel. Here at Custom Gym Equipment nothing is mass produced. We are centred around our customers precise requirements.

Our products are perfect for the image-conscious and those who want to look great working out. Please feel free to let us know, regardless of your style, what you would like your weights to look like, and we will see how we can best fulfil your needs. 

“Outstanding craftsmanship – quality is second to none, if Rolls Royce made dumbbells then this is what it would look like”


 John Crossland via Facebook

“Absolutely beautiful and  intuitive dumbbell, these are the Ferrari of weights.”


Victoria-Everett Hughes via Facebook

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