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The Elegance dumbbell collection is a hand-crafted sleek design that will stand out from any other dumbbell.  We combine artistic design with modern engineering practices creating stylish unique products which are also available to be personalised with client’s name or logo.  Each Elegance model dumbbell goes through no fewer than 130 processes to evolve from a basic steel dumbbell finish to a highly polished pristine product, plated with luxury metals such as gold, which will enhance any Gym or add a touch of luxury to your home, holiday home or yacht.

Custom Gym Equipment’s search for perfection has resulted in a level of finish quality equivalent to that of Rolls Royce or Bentley motor car standards suitable for luxury yachts and gyms.

You can choose to have a very glossy look paint job on your dumbbells or go for a matt finish,

Weights available in this collection range from 1kg to 50kg in increments of your choosing.

eg. 1kg, 2kg, 2.5kg or even 5kg increments.

If space is limited, then choosing 2.5kg increments would give you a good range of dumbbells whilst keeping the actual number of dumbbells to a minimum.

If you prefer your dumbbells to be in pounds rather than kilograms, that is not a problem as we can provide both imperial and metric weights. 

Please view the examples below: 


Face/detailing colour

We can colour match your specific colour to a Pantone or RAL reference. All painted detail is carried out by skilled master craftsmen.

Metal finish
As shown in the above examples options are silver (polished stainless steel), gold plated or rose gold plated.

We tailor make our racking systems to suit our clients space and choice of weight. We have space saving options of both vertical or horizontal racking in single, double and triple tier. All racking systems are made of high quality stainless steel.


Everything we make is bespoke for each individual client, this gives you the choice to specify the degree of grip required: fine, medium to coarse. We would recommend medium.

Choose the diameter of the weights to suit your specific needs, no compromises here at Custom Gym Equipment.  Weights are more than just a premium product, they are precision engineered to give the perfect balance.

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