If you are someone that is trying to bring an air of class and sophistication to their workout life, it could be that you would greatly benefit from the services offered by the team here at Custom Made Gym Equipment. Our luxury dumbbells, whilst retaining their functionality, are sure to catch the eye of those who see them. We would love to hear from you should you have any questions about how we can offer a personalised service – you simply need to choose your preferred method from those outlined on the contact page of our website.

What are the best exercises using dumbbells?

Although you may not realise it, dumbbells are one of the most versatile pieces of gym equipment – the list of exercises that you can conduct using them is seemingly endless. When incorporated into a workout regime, they are fantastic for building up muscles. As many people know, bicep curls are an extremely popular type of workout, as it is relatively simple to execute, and can bring about phenomenal changes in your physique. If you wish to incorporate luxury dumbbells into your own personal gym, so that you can try the aforementioned exercises, the first name that should come to mind is that of Custom Made Gym Equipment.

If you come to the conclusion that Custom Made Gym Equipment is the company that you would like to buy from, we would love to elaborate on the various types of luxury dumbbells that we have within our catalogue of products. Due to the varying requirements of our customers, our dumbbells range from one kilogram to fifty kilograms, so can be used by people of all shapes and sizes. If you prefer designs that are relatively simple, the Elegance Dumbbells will be more to your liking, whereas the Octagonal and Finesse collections are more appropriate for those that wish to break the mould of conventional gym equipment.

What other products do we sell?

Whilst it is true to say that our luxury dumbbells are one of our flagship products, here at Custom Made Gym Equipment we understand that in order to be successful, it is vital to have a plethora of units available to customers. In essence, aside from the dumbbells, we have three ranges within our collection: barbells, olympic discsrf, and benches. Once again, the barbells and disks can be broken down into their elegance, octagonal, and finesse styles, all of which can be further customised to better cater to our customer’s requirements. In terms of our benches, we have a number of different colour options that can be selected from, which you can use to assimilate the equipment in with your existing decor.

Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing our luxury dumbbells, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team. For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to email info@customgymequipment.co.uk and our customer service team will be in touch shortly to answer your questions and assist you in any way they can.