Are you looking for high quality, luxury dumbbell sets? Do you want them to be bespoke to your needs and requirements? Welcome to Custom Made Gym Equipment, a dedicated, professional company that is committed to crafting the best in luxury dumbbell sets and barbells. We’re passionate about creating practical weights that don’t compromise on style. We combine quality engineering with our artistic finesse and the results are exceptional. With more than thirty years of engineering experience, we guarantee to make you unique and bespoke gym equipment that will really make you want to work out. 

Understanding our Dumbbell Sets

Here at Custom Made Gym Equipment, we know that lifting weights can be a dangerous sport and our customer is our top priority. As such, all of our dumbbell sets are hand crafted to ensure consistency in weight and grip. There are no corners cut with Custom Made Gym Equipment, all of our material is the best it can be and our team members are all highly trained. We make all of our products to suit the needs of our clients, so no matter what it is you imagined, we can make it a reality. If you want to change the grip on your weights; be that fine, medium or coarse, that’s completely fine with us. If you want to change the diameter of the weights to suit your needs, then you’ll have no resistance here. Our precision engineering can make your ideas into a perfectly balanced weight.

Another important part of our dumbbell sets is the colour. We can colour match all of your weights to an exact colour or Pantone. Additionally, all of our dumbbell sets are metal plated to suit your aesthetics. These platings range from polished stainless steel to gold and rose gold, each of which give the sets their own unique character. You can purchase any number of our beautifully crafted dumbbell sets, from just one pair to an entire rack of weights, ranging from 1kg to 60kg. All of our sets also come with their own racking system, which can be tailored to suit your space and choice of weights. You can choose from horizontal or vertical; single, double or triple tier.

What Else Can we Provide?

Alongside our luxury dumbbell sets, we also offer a range of benches to help improve your weight lifting. All our benches are made with the same precision and attention to detail as our weights. The framework is built out of high quality materials and finished off with hand-stitched leather: working out has never been so comfortable. Our benches, like all of our barbell and dumbbell sets, are made to last. So consider this an investment into your health and fitness, an investment that will just keep giving back.

If you’re interested in discussing one of our dumbbell sets or any of our other products, then don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. We’re committed to creating the highest quality gym equipment for our customers and we would be delighted to facilitate any request that you might have. You can fill out our online enquiry form or you can email us on Our team of dedicated and friendly staff will get back to you as soon as they can.