Are you looking to start or expand your home gym? Do you want to find a set of dumbbells that are adjustable to your needs? Then look no further than Custom Made Gym Equipment. We know that the last few months have been hard for all of our fellow gym goers. The gyms have been closed for a long time now and we’re all feeling the pinch. But you don’t have to wait for the gyms to reopen to start lifting again. At Custom Made Gym Equipment, we create luxury home gym equipment and racks for you to build up your home gym experience.

Who is Custom Made Gym Equipment?

Custom Made Gym Equipment is a British based company that specialises in creating high quality, luxury gym equipment. With more than thirty years of engineering experience, we’re dedicated to creating a product that you will truly love. We harness the power of modern engineering and couple it with eye-catching artistic designs to create the home gym equipment that most people only dream of. We craft our weights to be the best possible standard, so you can look good and feel good when working out with your home gym equipment. When it comes to health and fitness then, why settle for less? We’re committed to creating excellence with our work and deliver outstanding results time and time again. 

All of our home gym equipment is made bespoke to you and your requirements, so no matter what your needs, we can guarantee satisfaction with our work. Whether you need a specific shape of handle or your desires are purely for aesthetic reasons, we can create it out of our high quality materials. We offer our weights with a wide range of different metal platings, including rose gold, gold and stainless steel. So if you want your home gym equipment to have that extra bit of pizazz, then Custom Made Gym Equipment is the company for you.

What Equipment do we Offer?

We can make a number of different types of weights and accessories to suit your home gym equipment. We have four main weights collections, two for dumbbells and two for barbells. These collections are perfect for anyone, whether you’re a professional in the fitness industry or just a fitness enthusiast. Our Elegance collection is focused on simple, sophistication; perfect for the discerning fitness connoisseur. While our Finesse collection is more interesting, for the fun loving and playful enthusiast. No matter what collection is more your style, our weights come with knurled handles for better grip and natural movement, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best possible workout with our home gym equipment.

Want to Find out More?

If you’re interested in finding out more about our home gym equipment, then feel free to browse our website. If something catches your attention or you have something particular in mind then feel to contact us through our online enquiry form or you can email us on Whatever plan you might have for your home gym equipment, make them bespoke to your needs with Custom Made Gym Equipment.